It started off with a visit to the Lakeside Motor Museum and then continued via Lakes Windemere and Coniston

(Unfortunately although I've sacrificed resolution by using gifs, these pics take quite a while to load if you have a slow connection to the net)

This old caravan represents the Caravanning Lifestyle that started more than a hundred years ago. A van that is believed to be the first built in the UK is preserved by 'The Caravan Clu

I'll try to improve this pic but it's a 250cc coil-ignition, hand-change Panther. It's the model I passed my test on when I was just 16

One for Pete - a little older than his modern TF MG

And one for my neighbor Paul who has a blue one of these Messerschmits
(OK - you spell it!)

I never saw police in Australia running MGBs!
Min Coopers were the only BMC products I saw and one copped me speeding along the Western Highyway at Bathhurst - the only road at that time with an open road speed limit.

The only Morgan there was this childs pedal car! At least it had the V-twin Matchless engine

View from the top - that's a balloon gondola hanging there

Another view from the top showing many of the cars on display

La Pou du Clel - a 1936 'Flying Flea'. Unfortunately these popular kit planes killed a lot of owners.

With good eyesight you may be able to read this description of the 'Flea'.

There's also a museum with the exploits of Sir Malcom and Donald Campbell with a replica of the Bluebird that cost Donald his life on Coniston.

The pictures of the Lakes - Windermere and Coniston need no explanations