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This website contains information on all aspects of travel with a caravan or RV in Australia

    Caravanning and RVing in Australia


Welcome to my website where I hope you find all the information you need to travel with your own accomodation - be it a caravan or other RV - to explore this wonderful land I call home - Australia

Northern Australia in the monsoon season is hot and oppressive with torrential rain a constant feature so planning a trip needs to take that into account. In the south it can be cold and not too pleasant in winter so ideally the aim would be to be in the north during May - October and in the south during the November- April period.

Caravan and RVing magazines that give a great insight into touring in Australia can be found on our 'Links'  pages and other sites there can help you find the right outfit to start your travels around this great and fascinating country.

Lionel is only too pleased to try to give helpful advice about any aspect of RV travel in Australia although he is quick to add that he has no formal qualifications for questions involving technical matters - just a wealth of practical experience.

 Feel free to email any queries you may have - I'll try to help

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